Aposelemis Dam (Greek: Φράγμα Αποσελέμη) is an earthen embankment dam on the Aposelemis River near the villages of Potamies and Avdou, 32 kilometres (20 mi) southeast of Heraklion, Greece. The dam is the largest water management project in Crete.

It creates Aposelemis lake , a reservoir that serves as the primary fresh water supply for the cities of Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos plus 6 smaller municipalities and 19 communities along the touristically developed north coast of Crete with a combined population of 300,000 inhabitants.[1]

The first thoughts to build a dam for providing water from Aposelemis date back to the 1970s. During the 1980s and 90s several preparatory studies were completed and the definitive construction study was approved in 2000. Despite strong opposition by the local communities in the early 2000s,[2] the overwhelming need for water during the summer prevailed. The construction contract was put out to tender on 14/12/2004 and was awarded on 1/4/2005. Dam construction was completed in 2012 and accompanying works in early 2019. Total costs, including compensations for expropriation, exceeded 220 million euros. Click for complete WIKI...

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