The main company of Intercity Buses is the "Intercity KTEL of Heraklion - Lassithi SA". In 2018, a vision of decades for its owners and the passenger public took shape. And it was nothing more than relocating to a modern and functional space that would meet the needs of the passenger public and the company's staff. The vision was great and it was executed in the best way for everyone.

The old industrial building complex "ATHINA", which has gone through many stages and interventions not always aesthetically perfect, was transformed into one of the most modern stations in Europe. The benefits were many both for the passenger public for the owners of the company and the area that hosts it since the aesthetic result easily ranks it among the most successful urban restorations-interventions in Crete. Along with the passenger transport services, there is a modern refreshment restaurant and an exhibition space for Cretan products.

But what was the "ATHINA" industrial space? The original core of the complex was built at the end of the 19th century and operated as a production unit, Soap Factory - Oil Mill under the ownership of M. Vasilakis, N. Liapakis, Taliani and Alepoudeli father of Odysseas Elytis- Alepoudelis https:// wiki / Odysseas_Elytis

After its industrial use, the building underwent many interventions that altered it both statically and aesthetically. Due to its dominant position with its imposing 36-meter chimney and its contribution to local industrial development in 2002, it was declared a historic monument. Click for OFFICIAL SITE...

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