In Tzitzikas site among others we will describe our place, the island of Crete. This couldn’t be done otherwise, but starting with the cultivation of olive trees, a major influential factor for both our society and economy for the past millennia. During that period, both the DNA of the olive trees and that of the local people have coevolved affected by the island’s climate and some dare say, adapting to each other. And there are good reasons for that; olive oil is a major component of our diet on daily basis. Almost everybody owns even a small olive orchard in order to supply one’s household with olive oil. Almost everybody has participated in olive harvesting either professionally, or exercising the traditional manual methods with the company of friends and relatives joining forces to accomplish the task before winter comes. Almost everyone has enjoyed stove cooked food or has felt the warmth of a fireplace, using olive tree wood as an energy source. Last but not least, everyone has enjoyed the dense olive orchards’ shadow during the hot Cretan summer, accompanied by the Tzitzikas songs!

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